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Retain Steering Wheel Controls
Keep your factory steering wheel controls with Metra's ASWC-1. Easy to install with an aftermarket radio, easy to program with our auto detect feature.
Replace Factory Radio
Remove that featureless factory radio and install an aftermarket radio with Axxess's radio replacement interfaces and harnesses.
Add Remote Start
Cut down in installation time with Axxess's remote start vehicle specific harnesses.
Add Cameras to Factory Radio
Stay aware of your surroundings and improve safety by adding cameras to your existing factory screen.
Add Amp to Factory Radio
Get the sound quality you're looking for by adding aftermarket amplifiers to your factory radio with Axxess's Add-n-amp option.
Device Connection
Stay safe and connected while driving by installing an Axxess connectivity interface and mobility products.
Digital Signal Processor
Upgrade your sound, keep your factory radio and retain your functions with our versatile digital signal processor.
Override Engine's STOP/START
Override Interface for Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, & JeepĀ®. Simple install to override or re-engage the stop engine feature!

Updater Software

PC Firmware Updater

Update firmware on your Axxess Integrate product and configure your ASWC-1 using your Windows PC!

Axxess Updater

Axxess Updater is a new application: Windows SmartScreen, your web browser, and/or antivirus may flag it as an unknown application. You will need to allow the installer to run in order to use Axxess Updater.

Having the latest software will:

  • Ensure complete compatibility between the Axxess product and the vehicle you are installing it in.
  • Obtain the latest logic and software for trouble-free operation.
  • Increase vehicle coverage for existing products.
  • Get revisions to the product faster to prevent unnecessary downtime in the field.

AXXESS Updater App

Update All Axxess Interfaces and Easily Change SWC Functions From Your Mobile Device

The Axxess Updater App has a redesigned interface for a modern look and feel with improved support for devices. This app auto-detects the interface, scans the current firmware and lets you force update! A new design helps users easily find vehicle-specific products, instructions and user manuals for Axxess products. Download or update your app now. Available now.

  • Remap and dual assign ASWC-1 functions
  • Direct connect to Tech Support
  • Works with most mobile devices including smartphones and tablets
  • Use with OTG "On The Go" Cable and with the AX-Hub
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AXXESS.i Backup Camera Add-on Software Update for Windows PC

Download the latest software update to customize your AXXESS.i Backup Camera Add-on products

For use on PCs with Windows XP (or higher) operating systems

Use this software to customize your AXXESS.i backup camera add-on product features. Set when the cameras activate, control different camera positions (when using multiple cameras), and customize other product features.



Axxess, a leader in vehicle interfacing, has once again set the industry standard by developing a cost effective option for customers desiring to improve vehicle sound quality with a Digital Signal Processor. The AX-DSP presents an all-in-one solution for a variety of car audio system setups, from fixed level output (digital) to analog OE systems, and even adding a subwoofer to an OE system. Our before the amp solution is designed to allow the installers the option to remove the factory amplifier or to add a subwoofer all while maintaining the OE features and controls of the radio. Whether you have a Digital or Analog factory amplifier system, the AX-DSP has you covered.

The AX-DSP App allows you to quickly and easily configure all of the AX-DSP's parameters via the Bluetooth interface on your phone or tablet. Its intuitive interface provides controls for:

  • Vehicle Type selection
  • Input Level selection
  • Subwoofer Source selection
  • Independent two-way crossovers - Front, Rear and Subwoofer
  • All speakers can be delayed independently up to 10ms
  • Separate 31 band Equalizers for the Front, Rear and Subwoofer channels
  • Chime Volume control
  • Clipping Detection control
  • Amp Turn On selection
  • Read, Write, and Store your information for future recall

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