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Retain Steering Wheel Controls
Keep your factory steering wheel controls with Metra's ASWC-1. Easy to install with an aftermarket radio, easy to program with our auto detect feature.
Replace Factory Radio
Remove that featureless factory radio and install an aftermarket radio with Axxess's radio replacement interfaces and harnesses.
Add Remote Start
Cut down in installation time with Axxess's remote start vehicle specific harnesses.
Add Cameras to Factory Radio
Stay aware of your surroundings and improve safety by adding cameras to your existing factory screen.
Add Amp to Factory Radio
Get the sound quality you're looking for by adding aftermarket amplifiers to your factory radio with Axxess's Add-n-amp option.
Device Connection
Stay safe and connected while driving by installing an Axxess connectivity interface and mobility products.
Digital Signal Processor
Upgrade your sound, keep your factory radio and retain your functions with our versatile digital signal processor.
Override Engine's STOP/START
Override Interface for Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, & JeepĀ®. Simple install to override or re-engage the stop engine feature!


Wireless Steering Wheel Controls Universal Add-on

The AXSWC-RF is designed to add steering wheel controls to vehicles that do not have OE steering wheel controls installed.

USA MSRP: $168.00 USD

Comes pre-programmed with your standard commands: volume up, volume down, seek up, seek down and source. In addition you will be able to mount the AXSWC-RF anywhere on the steering wheel and reprogram the buttons, making this a truly custom piece.

  • Designed to be compatible with most major radio brands
  • Auto detects radio being connected, and presets controls
  • Ability to dual assign steering wheel control buttons
  • Retains settings even after the battery has been disconnected
  • Interface included
  • Compact ergonomic size fits anywhere on your steering wheel
  • Center keypad is fully adjustable
  • Supports radios with Bluetooth® capabilities
  • Two wire hook up behind radio
  • Compact interface for small dash cavities
  • Painted black matte finish

US. PAT. NOS. 8014920 and 8214105

  • Universal