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Retain Steering Wheel Controls
Keep your factory steering wheel controls with Metra's ASWC-1. Easy to install with an aftermarket radio, easy to program with our auto detect feature.
Replace Factory Radio
Remove that featureless factory radio and install an aftermarket radio with Axxess's radio replacement interfaces and harnesses.
Add Remote Start
Cut down in installation time with Axxess's remote start vehicle specific harnesses.
Add Cameras to Factory Radio
Stay aware of your surroundings and improve safety by adding cameras to your existing factory screen.
Add Amp to Factory Radio
Get the sound quality you're looking for by adding aftermarket amplifiers to your factory radio with Axxess's Add-n-amp option.
Device Connection
Stay safe and connected while driving by installing an Axxess connectivity interface and mobility products.
Digital Signal Processor
Upgrade your sound, keep your factory radio and retain your functions with our versatile digital signal processor.
Add Navigation to Factory Radio
Add iGO Primo Navigation to your OEM radio! You can also add on a reverse camera, an HDMI input for smart device mirroring, and more.
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Axxess Improved AX-Series Interfaces with Steering Wheel Control Technology are Now Shipping

May 10, 2018

Holly Hill, FL - May 2018 – Axxess® by Metra Electronics® has reintroduced improved technology for thirteen vehicle-specific radio replacement interfaces in their AX-Series product line, all of which are now shipping. The AX-Series features proprietary, built-in steering wheel control technology with improved features. The patented Axxess auto-detect technology provides an easy to install solution with one interface that will do it all. A new reset button improves the initialization process, located between the two Micro-Fit™ connectors. This placement prevents the button from accidentally being pressed, but also provides a much easier way for installers to reset the interface, when needed.

The AX-Series provides accessory power for 12-volt, 10-amp, retains R.A.P. (Retained Accessory Power) and retains audio controls on the steering wheel. Depending on the vehicle, SYNC or OnStar may also be retained. The interface can be installed in both amplified and non-amplified models, and provides NAV outputs for parking brake, reverse and speed sense. The interface is updatable by Micro “B” USB. All harnessing is cloth taped for a clean installation. Additional interface features will vary by vehicle application, available for Chrysler, Ford, GM, Hyundai/Kia, Mazda and Toyota/Lexus models for select years.
AX-Series Radio Replacement Interfaces for Chrysler
Axxess has two solutions for Chrysler, both which provide high level speaker input. The AX-CH013-SWC is for Chrysler models from 2004 and up*. The AX-CH5-SWC is for Chrysler models from 2013 and up*. This specific interface also retains the factory backup camera if it is through the factory radio, and the factory 3.5mm auxiliary input (AUX-IN) jack.
AX-Series Radio Replacement Interfaces for Ford
Two interfaces for Ford vehicles will be at CES. Both provide high level speaker input. The AX-FD1-SWC is for Ford models from 2007 and up*, and can be used in non-amplified, amplified, and Sony/THX amplified systems. The AX-FD2-SWC is for Ford models from 2011 and up*.
AX-Series Radio Replacement Interfaces for GM
            Axxess will reintroduce four solutions for GM vehicles that retain chimes, OnStar and OEM Bluetooth®. All four interfaces support adjustable volume for OnStar in addition to providing NAV outputs for parking brake, reverse, mute and speed sense. Additional features and specifications vary between the interfaces:
AX-GMCL2-SWC is for GM vehicles from 2000 to 2013
AX-GMLAN11-SWC is for GM vehicles from 2006 to 2012
AX-GMLAN29-SWC is for GM vehicles from 2006 and up*
AX-GMLAN44-SWC is for GM vehicles from 2011 and up*
Visit or reference the Axxess New Product Guide to see additional information for each part.
AX-Series Radio Replacement Interfaces for Hyundai/Kia
            Two new AX-Series interfaces for Hyundai/Kia vehicles will be available from Axxess, both which work with non-amplified systems, or amplified systems when used with the AX-HYKIA-SPDIF. The AX-HYKIA1-SWC is for Hyundai/Kia 2012 and up* models and the AX-HYKIA2-SWC is for 2013 and up* models.
AX-Series Radio Replacement Interface for Mazda
            The AX-MAZ1-SWC is for Mazda vehicles from 2007 to 2015. It retains the balance and fade controls and also retains the ability to change the clock with a service harness. It can be used with either amplified or non-amplified systems.
AX-Series Radio Replacement Interface for Toyota/Lexus
            The AX-TYAMP1-SWC is designed for amplified systems for Toyota and Lexus models from 2002 to 2015. The AX-TYAMP2-SWC is designed for JBL amplified systems for Toyota and Lexus vehicles from 2012 and up*. Both interfaces retain balance control.
*Visit to up-to-date, vehicle specific applications and additional instructions.
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