• Model: AX-MLINK
  • Manufactured by: Metra Electronics

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Car Audio Wi-Fi A/V Mirror Interface

The AX-MLINK allows you to mirror an image from your smart device to any multimedia device that has a video/audio input. This product can be used to mirror many images such as, GPS apps, video, pictures, streaming music information; anything you can run on your smart device will be shown on the multimedia device. All touch commands will still need to be done on the smart device but the AX-MLINK provides the freedom to stream any video or image with ease.

Product Features

  • • Wi-Fi Mirror Interface
  • • Universal, will work with any aftermarket radio with A/V Inputs
  • • Allows user to mirror the display of their Wi-Fi Direct compatible device
  • • All cables included to allow audio and video streaming
  • • Wi-Fi Antenna included
  • • Will allow turn by turn directions to be heard through the vehicles audio system from GPS apps



AX-MLINK iOS9 — Software Update Instructions

AX-MLINK — Update (Download)
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