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  • Model: AX-HUB
  • Manufactured by: Metra Electronics

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Universal Firmware Updater

The new AX-HUB works in conjunction with the AXXESS UPDATER APP to allow updates of the firmware for our interfaces to be done through most smart devices. The AX-HUB allows the user the freedom of not being tethered to a desktop to update their interfaces anymore. When updating an interface through the AX-HUB the user only needs their SYNC cable they use to charge their smart device to complete the update, all other cables are provided with the AX-HUB. The user will need a cellular data plan or be connected to a Wi-Fi network to complete the update.

The AX-HUB can also be used to change features on the ASWC-1. After connecting the ASWC-1 to the vehicle, just hook up to the AX-HUB to the interface and your smart device. Open the AXXESS UPDATER APP and re-assign the buttons to your own personalized settings, dual assign buttons on certain vehicles, and force a radio type if the radio does not auto-detect. The user will also have the ability to get the vehicle specific installation instructions directly from the app.

Product Details

  • • Allows the ability to update Axxess interfaces from most smart devices
  • • Freedom to update without a computer
  • • Allows changes to be made to ASWC-1 (Dual assign, Force Radio, Re-Assign buttons)
  • • Uses any smart device's USB cable for communication
  • • Works with most of the popular smart devices
  • • Gets 12 Volts from the vehicle power port(CLA)

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