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  • Model: GMOS-014
  • Manufactured by: Metra Electronics

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GM Class2 Data OnStar, RSE, Chime Retention Interface Harness

GM 2000-up

The GMOS-014 is designed to retain OnStar, Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE), and retain the warning chimes that are normally lost when the OEM radio is removed. It also provides a 12 volt accessory output for aftermarket radio operation. The GMOS-014 also provides a Mute, Parking Brake, Speed Sense, and Reverse outputs to make installing an aftermarket navigation radio simple and less time consuming.

Product Specifications

  • • Provides accessory (12 volt 10 amp)
  • • Retains R.A.P. (Retained Accessory Power)
  • • Used in amplified or non-amplified systems
  • • Retains chimes
  • • Provides NAV outputs (Parking Brake, Reverse, Mute, and Speed Sense)
  • • ASWC-1 harness included (ASWC-1 not included)
  • • Retains OnStar/ OE Bluetooth
  • • Adjustable volume for chimes and OnStar
  • • High level speaker input
  • • USB updatable
  • • Retains balance and fade
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