• Model: ASWCSTALK
  • Manufactured by: Metra Electronics

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Add Steering Wheel Controls to Vehicles Without OE Steering Wheel Controls

The ASWCstalk is the newest addition to the AXXESS steering wheel control solution, allowing you to add steering wheel control options to your vehicle. Using an aftermarket radio that is equipped with a steering wheel control input, the column mounted ASWCSTALK will allow the customer to adjust their radio without taking their eyes off the road. The ASWCSTALK will come pre-programmed with your most popular features like volume up/down, seek up/down, and source. The ASWCSTALK also offers the option to remap the buttons to fit every customers needs. This makes this a must have interface from the AXXESS line.

Product Features

  • • Compatible with aftermarket radios with SWC input
  • • Mount on either side of steering column
  • • Buttons can be remapped
  • • Several mounts included for various surface contours
  • • 3 different length threaded tubes included
  • • Pre-programmed with most popular commands
  • • Compact interface for small dash cavities
  • • Supports radios with Bluetooth capabilities
  • • Four wire hook up - Plenty of Wire Included
  • • Painted black matte finish
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