Add Radio to OE System


  • Model: GMOS-LAN-06
  • Manufactured by: Metra Electronics

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GMLAN OnStar Interface

The GMOS-LAN-06 interface is designed to allow the user to replace the OEM radio with an aftermarket unit in 2006-07 Saturn vehicles that use the new GMLAN data bus system and retains full functionality of the OnStar system as well as all safety and warning chimes. The GMOS-LAN-06 will also retain the retained accessory power convenience features. This interface also has the capability of adjusting the OnStar volume.

Product Specifications

  • • For 2006-07 Saturn vehicles
  • • Retains OnStar w/adjustable volume outputs
  • • Retains RAP feature
  • • USB update interface compatible
  • • Retains chimes
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