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  • Model: AFSI-02
  • Manufactured by: Metra Electronics

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Ford SYNC Retention Interface

Ford 2008

The AFSI-01 retains the Ford Sync and R.A.P features when installing an aftermarket radio in vehicles equipped with Sync. (Does not work in vehicles with factory navigation.) . It also supplies parking brake, reverse and VSS outputs for aftermarket radio's with built in navigation.

Product Features

  • • Retains R.A.P.

This product fits the following vehicles:

FORD Escape 2008 2010

FORD F-150 2009 2012

FORD F-250/350/450/550 2011 2012

FORD Flex 2009 2012

FORD Focus 2008 2011

FORD Fusion 2010 2012

FORD Mustang (NON NAV) 2008 2012

MERCURY Mariner 2008 2010

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