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  • Model: AFSI-01
  • Manufactured by: Metra Electronics

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Ford Sync Interface

Ford 2008

The AFSI-01 retains the Ford Sync and R.A.P features when installing an aftermarket radio in Ford, Lincoln or Mercury vehicles equipped with Sync. (Does not work in vehicles with factory navigation.) It includes an LCD display for Sync system status. It also supplies parking brake, reverse and VSS outputs for aftermarket radios with built in navigation.

Product Features

  • • Includes LCD display for sync status and text information
  • • Retains R.A.P.

This product fits the following vehicles:

FORD Edge (W/O Navigation) 2009 2010

FORD Edge 2007 2008

FORD Expler 2008 2010

FORD Expler Spt Trac 2006 2010

FORD Fusion 2006 2009

FORD Taurus/Taurus X 2008 2009

LINCOLN MKX 2007 2010

LINCOLN MKZ 2007 2010

MERCURY Milan 2010 2010

MERCURY Mountaineer 2008 2010

MERCURY Sable 2008 2009

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