Add Radio to OE System


  • Model: AFDI-5V
  • Manufactured by: Metra Electronics

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Ford 5 volt step down


The AFDI-5V will take a 12V input from aftermarket radios remote turn on and drop the voltage down to 5V this is used in some Ford Lincoln Mercury vehicles that have an amplified sound system the OEM amplifier can use a 12V input to turn on however an audible pop may heard using the AFDI-5V will eliminate that audible pop.

Product Features

  • • For use in Ford, Lincoln & Mercury vehicles with Factory Amplifier
  • • Fixes audible “Pop” when Aftermarket Radio turns on Factory Amplifier
  • • 3-Wire hook up drops 12V turn on signal to 5V

AFDI-5V is an accessory for the following products:


Non-amplified, non - onstar interface harness that retains accessory power and provides navigation output wires.


06-Up Ford CAN w/RAP Acc. and Nav Outputs and Sub Plug.

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