Holly Hill, Fla. – Metra Electronics announces a new 16-volt SPL competition battery designed to deliver championship sound.

Available now through Metra’s Shuriken brand of high performance batteries, the SK-BT16V provides over-the-top power for SPL competitions.  Shuriken’s power cells deliver the higher voltage needed to lower the current draw, which provides more power to the amp.  The SK-BT16V would be connected to a 16-volt amp.

Engineered with Shuriken’s absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology, the SK-BT16V delivers 57 amp hours and can charged and discharged hundreds of times. It is extremely resistant to excessive heat and strong vibration, can be mounted in any location or position, and will not leak.

The SK-BT16V is UPS shippable and includes built-in handles.  To order, call our sales representatives at (800) 221-0932.  Visit Metra Electronics online at www.metraonline.com or www.shurikenonline.com.  Based in Holly Hill, Fla., Metra Electronics, is the global leader in auto sound accessories.